ECAP hosts workshop on High-Energy Astrophysics in the Multi-Messenger Era

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Group photo of the workshop participants from ECAP and University of São Paulo.

From May 8th to May 12th ECAP hosted the first in a series of two workshops in multi-messenger high-energy astrophysics between the Astroparticle Physics groups of the FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg and the São Carlos Institute of Physics – University of São Paulo. The workshops are jointly funded by the Bavarian Academic Center for Latin America (BAYLAT) and the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP).

The event focused on establishing collaborative ties between the groups at the PhD and postdoc level and was organized in the spirit of an open atmosphere with ample time for interactions and discussions. We heard keynote presentations from colleagues in gamma-ray astronomy, neutrino astronomy, dark matter physics and theory. Participants highlighted in their evaluation of the workshop the great opportunities for networking and in particular the speed collaboration sessions which focused on launching joint projects.

We look forward to the next workshop for updates on the projects, continuing to work together in the meantime.

Additional information can be found on the workshop page.