H.E.S.S. prize for ECAP member Johannes Schäfer

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Johannes Schäfer next to a model of the Medium-Sized Telescope for the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA), the next-generation of telescopes like H.E.S.S.

Twice yearly the H.E.S.S. Collaboration meets to discuss recent progress, both scientific and technical, and to discuss future plans for the H.E.S.S. experiment. At each collaboration meeting, the H.E.S.S. prize is awarded to an early career researcher who has made outstanding contributions to the experiment.

At this year’s spring meeting, the H.E.S.S. prize was awarded to a team for the first time: to ECAP member Johannes Schäfer along with colleagues Tim Holch (DESY Zeuthen), Fabian Leuschner (IAAT Tübingen) and Simon Steinmassl (MPIK Heidelberg). The team conducted a thorough validation of the simulation chain used by the H.E.S.S. experiment, in the process considerably improving the accuracy of the simulations in describing the current instrument. The painstaking work by Johannes and others has been recognised as a team effort, of high value to the collaboration in improving our understanding not only of the instrument, but also of the atmospheric conditions at the site of the H.E.S.S. experiment in Namibia.

Congratulations to Johannes, currently in the final stages of his PhD, for this achievement.