Prof. Dr. Anna Nelles

Prof. Dr. Anna Nelles

Physics Insitute
Professur für Experimentelle Astroteilchenphysik, insbesondere Radionachweis von Neutrinos

Room: Room 01.037
Nikolaus-Fiebiger-Str. 2
91058 Erlangen


My research targets astrophysical particles of the highest energies. I specialize in the radio detection of neutrinos above PeV energies. We are currently constructing the most sensitive neutrino array to date, the Radio Neutrino Observatory RNO-G in Greenland. With my background in radio detection of cosmic rays and software development, I push for the next generation radio experiment in the polar regions, such as planned for IceCube-Gen2.

I am also affiliated with the cosmic ray project of the LOFAR telescope where we detect cosmic rays and lightning and work in the High Energy Focus Group of the Square Kilometre Array SKA.

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