Prof. Katz elected new chair of KAT

Uli Katz - picture by David Hartfiel
Prof. Uli Katz (image by David Hartfiel)

On 28 March, Prof. Uli Katz has been elected chair of the German Committee for Astroparticle Physics (KAT), for a three-year period until 2022. KAT represents the German astroparticle community towards BMBF and DFG, towards the neighbouring fields of science such as astrophysics and particle physics, and in the international context, e.g. in the Astroparticle Physics European Consortium (APPEC). KAT members are elected by all graduated German astroparticle physicists as representatives for nine specific research fields. Currently, two KAT members are from ECAP: Uli Katz (neutrino astronomy) and Stefan Funk (gamma-ray astronomy).